The Paradise Project

The Paradise Project - Oxygen Created Here - was developed to ensure sustainability of resources.  This project highlights ways our companies have incorporated thriving business with alternate forms of energy.  Our solar panels, wind turbine (the first in Howard County), and wood furnace are some of the ways we are achieving this goal.  Our companies strive to exemplify alternative energy solutions to other local businesses, while providing quality service to our customers.  The Paradise Project is our promise to continue to find alternative energy resources to help reduce our carbon footprint, thus contributing to the community, the economy, and ultimately the planet.

  • The Howard County Times write up of our April 21, 2009 event commemorating alternative energy uses can be read online here
  • We appreciated the support and attendance of the local small business owners – especially in the green industry; Howard County Executive Ken Ulman; Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings; Maryland House Representatives Gail Bates, Warren Miller, and Roscoe Bartlett.
  • See the installation of our wind turbine online