Capitol LLC


Capitol LLC first established a nursery as an ornamental tree farm in 2002. It was founded upon the need for sustainability – providing an oxygen footprint to our community. Capitol has significantly reduced its own landfill impact by utilizing organic green waste from jobs done to create compost for fertilization.

We have alternative energy solutions and provide customers with quality service. Trees can often be the single most valuable asset in your landscape. Beyond simple beauty, trees can not only reduce your air conditioning cost and control erosion but they can also shield wind and add character and scale to your property while providing a palette of colors and aromas for your visitors’ pleasure.

We are a member of the “Maryland Nursery, Landscape, and Greenhouse Association,” and, our Owner is serving/has served on the Board of Maryland Nursery, Landscape, and Greenhouse Association member. 

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We utilize our nursery to reduce waste, improve plant health, and provide you the best trees for your new landscapes and projects.